A Princess in our work basket!

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Helau Geldern! If you have a die-hard carnival fan in your team, even that can happen: This year, we were allowed to help the reigning carnival princess of Geldern, Lavina I, into the float, so to speak. For the Geldern carnival procession, KKG President Markus quickly borrowed a work basket from us so that Lavina I had a secure footing on the carnival float. As a thank you, in return we were given plenty of sweets and a medal. Dear Lavina, dear Markus, the medal will definitely get a place of honour in our home – and the sweets too, of course. Njamnjam…

Carnival princess Geldern KKG
Medal, KKG, Lavina I., sweets, carnival, work basket, Pellens Hortensien
Michael Schaetzky, KKG, Lavina I., Geldern, childrens' carnival, Pellens Hortensien

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