Think green

There is more to our hydrangeas. More innovation, service, sustainability in production and social responsibility are important to us.

We have been Global G.A.P. and Grasp-certified since 2014 and work to a high ecological standard. Our electricity requirements are covered 100% by our own solar system and supplementary green electricity. We use coated special fertilisers to protect the water. In addition, we explicitly do not use any pesticides known to be harmful to bees in our production. In fact, we have been able to reduce the use of pesticides throughout the entire process by 80% by using beneficial organisms and new cultivation methods!

Sustainability: Taupe-coloured growing pots made from 100% recycled material

Our taupe-coloured growing pots are made from 100% recycled material (PCR material = post-consumer recycling) and can be returned to the cycle via the “yellow bin”. Our labels, whether plastic or paper, are also completely recyclable. As a family business, sustainability is very important to us – for us and for future generations.

Tracking software – Thanks to the introduction of the PAT software system, we can document every production step of individual plant batches for the entire duration of their stay with us and also trace them precisely in the event of queries from our customers.


We actually always have a lot planned. Working innovatively is a positive challenge for our team, a sense of achievement provides new impetus, improvements put our company on a sustainable footing. And we have achieved a lot recently.

2019 Spreading with container mulch reduces water consumption and weed ingress
2019 Horticulture Innovation Award for our own brand “Colour Club”
2020 Conversion to box storage
2021 Introduction of recyclable PCR culture pots
2022 Hydrangea paniculata new in the range

A particular milestone and a very development-intensive, high-risk task was the complete conversion of our overwintering to crate storage in 2019/2020. Fortunately, it was a complete success. We were able to improve working conditions for our employees, reduce transport routes and energy consumption by saving space in the cold store and significantly reduce the amount of pesticides used. A real win for quality and sustainability.

Product quality naturally has the greatest persuasive power on the market. With our brands, you can make yourself recognisable and visible. We support your advertising with meaningful media. This includes multilingual picture labels and posters as well as customised embossed logo pots. In addition, company-neutral publications in specialised and consumer media as well as on platforms on the World Wide Web.

Did you know that our umbrella brand Hortensia, for example, has over 1,500 followers on Facebook and almost 800 on Instagram (as of January 2024)? Colour Club and Everbloom also have their own social media and websites. Use this advertising for yourself, spread the word, link and like the pages and make our joint brands even stronger.

We can make many things possible for you. Please contact us if you have any special requests.

Personal contact – is irreplaceable. Our comprehensive sales force will visit you not only throughout Germany, but also abroad.

Sales promotion – at its best on many levels: Multilingual picture labels, posters, individually embossed decorative pots, social media, company-neutral end customer websites with a direct link via QR code.

Large products – for special locations: inviting parks, exclusive estates, prestigious gardens

Potted plants – save valuable time when repotting. So that you have your head and hands free.

Special delivery quantities – delivered to you on time: Whether it’s a large order or a trolley, we deliver promptly.

Our mission statement

A company can only be economically successful if its employees feel comfortable there. We have therefore asked our employees what is important to them and have jointly developed a code of conduct that has been signed by all those involved. Annual employee appraisals enable us to focus on each individual and realise personal wishes and development ideas. Not everything is possible from a business perspective – but we find a common path through dialogue. Our goal is: We are a team!

We are particularly keen to enable people from our region to work for us. That is why we have completely changed our seasonal labour system. Instead of bringing in seasonal workers from Poland or Romania as usual, we have been able to hire people who live here for several years now. These are often refugees – Caritas in particular helps us to integrate them into everyday working life – but also people who are (temporarily) on short-time work or have lost their jobs.

After all, we support social projects in the region, Germany and worldwide. To this end, Andreas and Vivian Pellens are members of the Rotary Club Geldern and the Inner Wheel Club Geldern. The clubs collect donations in various ways (e.g. through membership fees or the Inner Wheel Club’s annual Advent bazaar), which are then passed on to registered associations and groups for their social work, e.g. schools in Geldern and the surrounding area receive funds for additional educational programmes, local children’s homes or women’s support centres. You can find out more about the projects on the clubs’ websites at and

Good employees are the most important pillar of a horticultural company – at least that’s our opinion. And only good training leads to good employees. That’s why we see it as one of our most important tasks to train young people properly. By joining forces with two other horticultural companies, we are able to offer a particularly interesting, varied and comprehensive training programme. Our training programme also includes specialist company excursions (e.g. visits to suppliers) and in-house seminars to accompany examinations. Through regular feedback discussions with our trainees, we endeavour to continuously improve our training and offer our trainees the opportunity to play an active role in their training.