Journeyman gardener m/f/d

Everything in the green zone

As a journeyman gardener, you will be in the thick of things right from the start and form the important basis of the entire production process. Variety is guaranteed for you because, depending on the season, your work schedule will include a wide range of tasks, from potting on the machine in spring to tilling and maintenance work in the field in summer and order picking in our packing hall in winter. We can always set individual priorities so that you can do your favourite work. If you feel like it, you also have every opportunity for further training with us to lead teams or prepare for master craftsman school. You are welcome to get to know us for a few days in a short internship and see if you feel comfortable with us.

Your second home

Working together and moving forward together – that is our guiding principle at Pellens Hortensien. In a workshop, the entire team developed its own guiding principles, which are characterised by respect, support and appreciation of different skills. And as a company, we are happy to reflect the commitment that our team puts into achieving these goals. In the form of our newly renovated break room, for example, or in the form of bonus vouchers for reliable cooperation.

What we offer

  • a long-term job with fixed working hours, few seasonal peaks and quiet summer months
  • Variety in the work schedule
  • Fair wages and up to 500 euros additional annual bonus

How would you like to work?


Permanent position, 35 to 40 hours a week


  • enjoy practical work
  • like the chance to help develop the company further
  • have a sense of teamwork


Permanent position, 20 to 35 hours a week


  • enjoy changing tasks
  • enjoy dealing with people
  • like fixed working hours, but also a certain flexibility

Mini job

On an hourly basis, up to € 520 per month


  • quickly get to grips with new situations
  • have reliability in my luggage
  • have an equal focus on work and life
Andreas Pellens - The Managing Director

We will adapt to you
Andreas Pellens
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