Master Gardener / Horticultural Technician m/f/d

Design and further development

As a master gardener or horticultural technician, you are an indispensable member of our management team. You will be given a work area that suits you, in which you will lead our teams and be an important link to the management. Above all, however, you will have the opportunity to actively help shape our work processes and develop new ideas for the future.

Your second home

Working together and moving forward together – that is our guiding principle at Pellens Hortensien. In a workshop, the entire team developed its own guiding principles, which are characterised by respect, support and appreciation of different skills. And as a company, we are happy to reflect the commitment that our team puts into achieving these goals. In the form of our newly renovated break room, for example, or in the form of bonus vouchers for reliable cooperation.

What we offer

  • a long-term job
  • Room for your own ideas and self-determined work
  • Few seasonal peaks and quiet summer months

How would you like to work?


Permanent position, 35 to 40 hours a week


  • want to take on responsibility
  • enjoy innovations
  • enjoy dealing with people


Permanent position, 20 to 35 hours a week


  • have service awareness
  • enjoy dealing with people
  • like to have fixed working hours, but also a certain amount of flexibility

Mini job

On an hourly basis, up to € 520 per month


  • quickly get to grips with new situations
  • enjoy dealing with people
  • have an equal focus on work and life
Andreas Pellens - The Managing Director

We will adapt to you
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