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Indoor Hydrangeas in fresh spring colours

Special indoor hydrangeas are an IPM focus for Pellens Hortensien this year. As a specialist for hydrangea as raw and finished material, we are presenting the colour-changing Hydrangea macrophylla “(S)witch” as a new houseplant. The multi-coloured bouquet hydrangea “Three Sisters” in a 14-bottle pot is also part of the indoor range. In total, the Pellens hydrangea assortment comprises around 60 varieties for home and garden, including the exclusive labels “Hortensia”, “Colour Club”, “Everbloom” and “You&Me”.

Hydrangea macrophylla switch (s)witch Pellens Hortensien mophead

At the end of winter, people want fresh spring colours. With hydrangeas, colourful plants come into the home that will give pleasure for much longer than any classic bouquet. In summer, the potted plants can be planted into pots or flower beds – it could hardly be more sustainable. In addition to the wide range of standard indoor varieties in 14cm-pots, Pellens now offers two specialities.

Hydrangea macrophylla, Three Sisters, Water storage pot, Pellens Hortensien multicoloured, mophead

Hydrangea macrophylla “(S)witch” is known as an uncomplicated garden variety with striking colour changes. Now this gem is also available for indoors from Pellens Hortensien. It displays a distinctive colour change up to four times in its flowering cycle. The flower heads last an extremely long time: they spread joy for around 200 days from the start of flowering. As all (S)witch varieties are remontant, the end customer can cut them back after the first flowering, plant them outside and look forward to a second flush of flowers. “These arguments should convince your end customers,” Andreas Pellens is certain. The (S)witch in a 14cm-pot is available from Pellens Hortensien in various shades of pink, blue and white.

Customers get three coordinated colours in one pot with the “Three Sisters” bouquet hydrangea. It blooms as beautifully as a whole bunch of flowers – but for much longer. This is ensured, among other things, by the chic water storage cachepot, which is included. This means that the hydrangeas are almost self-sufficient. There is no risk of drying out or waterlogging. Depending on the location, it is sufficient to top up the water every three to five days. With these easy-care pots, there is nothing to stop you from taking a weekend trip or leaving them in the office – when you return, the multi-coloured spring splendour will still be fresh.

Pellens Hortensien, IPM booth 2E27

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