Tracking Software Successfully Implemented

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Pellens PAT Tracking Digitalisierung Plug Plant
PAT software in use at our office

Retraceability of every single plant along the complete cultivation process and back to the young plant deliverer. To achieve this high aim, in spring we started to implement a new tracking system in our company. By means of individually generated labels, newly purchased hand scanners and the software PAT from Plug Plant Software GmbH, we can now, for every CC-trolley in our cold store, read out from which young plant company the hydrangeas came  and how they have been treated by us during cultivation time. This way it is easier to assess quality differences and to adjust our cultivation process.

Pellens PAT Digitalisierung Plug Plant
Labels at every CC can be read out with hand scanners

Admittedly: as this is our first year with the tracking system, some parts of the program have to be optimized yet, and some operations practiced. But all in all the system works very well, and we are convinced it is an improvement. Therefore, a big Thank You goes to our employees, who engaged in the implementation of this digitisation measure, contributed to its optimisation by objective criticism, and realise the new very well.

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