Prime Minister Armin Laschet visited us

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Due to an invitation from Silke Gorißen, candidate for becoming county commissioner in the county Kreis Kleve, he found his way to visit the company. The two politicians took an hour to inform themselves about issues that currently concern the gardening sector.

“It was a very personal atmosphere”, described managing director Andreas Pellens the visit. “The number of attending persons was small, so we could make intense use of the time and it was easy to keep up to the important Corona rules.” On the tour though the company Andreas Pellens spoke with Silke Gorißen and Armin Laschet about sustainability strategies, finding employees and about economic activity in the time of Corona. 

„I like how progressively the Gardening Companies in our county push the protection of our environment”, Silke Gorißen said at the end of the tour.

An enormous development had taken place, but mostly this engagement stayed behind the scenes and it was an issue to her to draw attention to it, she added. 

Only one question there was that Andreas Pellens did not give an answer for to Armin Laschet: How exactly the trick about the award-winning many-coloured hydrangea mixes called “Colour Club” worked. “That is a business secret”, Pellens said and earned an open laugh from Laschet for it before he at last stepped back into his limousine and drove off to a two-day cabinet meeting.

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