IPM: New cultivation technique for more environmental protection

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Pellens Hortensien at IPM 2020 [press release] And again Pellens Hortensien enters IPM in Essen with a new development. For 2020 the hydrangea specialist has adjusted many screws at the same time to promote environmental protection at the company. At IPM 2020 managing director Andreas Pellens will present a new cultivation technique as well as changed consumable materials which will significantly relieve the environment.  Besides other things Pellens invested into a new processing line for this. Speaking about plants, Pellens especially has his “Colour Club”-mixes in his trunk for which he lately got the Innovation Award Gardening 2019 of the Federal Ministery of Food and Agriculture. Environmental protection – the topic is everywhere and the discussions about it are emotionally loaded. „We take the requirements of the end customers and the pressure they give to our clients very seriously,” emphazises Andreas Pellens. „Unfortunately no easy complete solution exists, but we are convinced that we can go a good way with many small steps.That was our goal for the new year: To get forward a bit at many corners to gain a good result for the environment at the bottom line.“ Concretely this means: In raw material cultivation a new technique has been tested during the winter 2019/2020 that really substantially reduced the amount of fungicides need. Since we started to cover our planters with mulch last year we could also reduce the amount of herbicides and water. The growth of weeds and evaporation could be suppressed and the qualitiy of the plants increased. At last, we could reduce the necessary amount of pesticides by a remarkable 80%. „This is good for the environment and for our employees who work between the plants,” Andreas Pellens says. A visible sign for the developments at the company are new planters as well.  From 2020 on we pot into taupe-coloured planters instead of the terracotta-coloured once. This marks a change in the material of the planters. “The new pots consist of recycled plastics that by 100% come out of household waist, so called post-consumer-material,” Andreas Pellens explains. “And this material can be recycled by 100% again, so we support a closed material cycle here. Our pots have to withstand a complete year of wind and weather in the fields and in the cool store without quality losses, but afterwards shall not end up simply in an incinerator. Under these conditions I believe the complete recycling is the most sustainable one for us.” For the same reason Pellens will introduce new labels that are 100% recycable. At last, Pellens already for some time uses green power only for its production, which for the most part derives from their own photovoltaic system. He has exchanged two company cars for e-cars, uses special coated fertilizers to protect the ground water and is certified by GlobalG.A.P. At IPM the result of all these efforts will be shown in the form of the latest product lines. Pellens made some adjustments to new varieties in the assortment. It includes the brands „Hortensia“, „Colour Club“, „You&Me“ and „Everbloom“ as half-ready and ready plants in the sizes T-10,5 till 46 Liter.   Here you find us at IPM: Hall 2.0, Booth 2 E 25

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