Filming with Gardener Tristan

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Tristan Verkabeln Hortensien Pellens
First for the cables.

Watch out, they come with a camera! Gardener Tristan and team have been with us today to make a new film for the marketing campaign "Blumen - 1000 Gute Gründe" ("Flowers - 1000 Good Reasons) from Landgard. The topic was education this time, and especially how to attain the German qualification as a "Gärtnermeister". Tristan chose our Gärtnermeister Dominik Aushorn as his interview partner and talked to him at our company.

Tristan Kühlhaus Hortensien Pellens
Quite high stacks here.

How do you become Gärtnermeister? What do you learn during this education? And what do you do with your knowledge later in your job? Dominik Aushorn talked about his very helpful time abroad, about the "Meisterschule" (gardening school) in the city Essen that he attended, and explained what function he has in our company as a Meister now.

The first stop for the film was our cold store with the piled up raw material, then they continued between the freshly put up hydrangeas in the greenhouse and finished the day with the flowering ready plants. About tow hours the team has been with us and worked with a mix of professional concentration and witty statements.

Now the team "only" has to make the finished film from the material - we wait in suspense. Nun

The film will be broadcasted here soon:


Tristan Hortensien Pellens
Full concentration.

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