Delivery of half-ready plants started

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Seecontainer Pellens Hortensien
The first 20-feet-container of the new season is on its’ way to Dubai.

Delivery of the half-ready plants 2020/21 has started. As always, the overseas-containers leave our nursery first, as they have the longest way to go. Via the harbours of Rotterdam and Antwerpen the 20- or 40-feet-containers are shipped into the Near and Middle East. The ship journey for the cooling containers takes up to four weeks. Our clients on the spot will produce ready plants which will be sold as indoor plants next spring. 

Meanwhile, our other hydrangeas are standing in our cool stores, safe from frost, and await beeing commissioned for our other clients during the next months. “The quality looks good,” Andreas Pellens reports. “We are looking forward to the upcoming hydrangea season.”

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