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Pellens Hortensien in Short

We are an internationally marketing specialty company for hydrangeas and produce about 1.2 million hydrangeas per year. To our assortment belong 60 varieties of hydrangeas which we cultivate on 14 hectare of open field and 23.000 sqare meters in greenhouses. About 70% leave our company as half-ready plants. Our particular attention is paid on high product quality, sustainable production and high social standards.

Our Product Range:

  • Midi in 10-cm-pots
  • Standard and overmature plants in 14-cm-pots
  • Containers of 3, 5, 20 and 46 litres
  • Special forms: hanging baskets

Own Brands:

  • "Hortensia": Hydrangea macrophylla with special added values
  • "You&Me": varieties with double blossoms
  • "Everbloom": flower also at the new sprouts and therefore very reliably
  • "Colour Club": colour mixes with up to eight varieties grown in one pot

Certified by Global G.A.P. since december 2014.
Certified by Global G.A.P. Grasp since december 2018.
Approved training company..

Trade on close terms - our Family (Hi)Story

1959 Company Founding by Johannes Pellens
1983 Handover of company management to Hans-Gerd Pellens
2004 Pellens GmbH takes over the selling of the hydrangea raw materia
2016 Handover of company management to Andreas Pellen

Foster Friendships - Our Partners

To continuously develop our expertice we are an active member in several specialist groups.

  • Agrobusiness Niederrhein e.V. - Business network of the green sector at the Lower Rhine
  • Unternehmerkreis Hortensien – The working group of hydrangea producers from NRW and Niedersachsen.
  • Unternehmernetzwerk NRW – The working group for company management under the leadership of the chamber of agriculture of NRW.

Pellens Hortensien offers you more than „just“ high quality plants. Added value and Service are of our personal concern. Please feel free to talk about any special wishes.

A personal contact - can’t be overvalued. Our sales representatives cover a wide range of countries worldwide.

Sales support - of high quality in different media: multilanguage picture labels, posters, individually imprinted decorational pots, social media, non-branded customer-websites with direct link via QR-Code.

Large goods - for special locations: inviting parcs, exclusive properties, representative gardens.

Unpotted plants - save your precious time while repotting. So that you have a clear head and free hands. .

Special amounts - just in time: if large order or one trolley, we deliver reliably.

Unsere Töpfe bestehen aus Recycling-Material

We are certified by Global-G.A.P.- and -Grasp-since 2014 and work after a high ecological standard. We cover our electricity demand by 100% with our own photovoltaic system and augmented green power. For water protection we use coated special fertilizers. Of course no bee-harming plant protection products are in use in our production. On the contrary, by using beneficial insects an new cultural techniques we could reduce the application of plant protection products in the whole process by 80%!

Our taupe-colourd pots, which we use solely since 2020 consist of 1100% recycling material (Post-Consumer-Recycling material, PCR) and can go back into the cycle over the houshold bin. The same with our new labels, if made of plastics or paper, both are completely recyclable. As a family company working sustainably is an affair of the heart - for us, and for the next generations.

Tracking-Software - By having introduced the software system PAT we can document the complete treatment of certain plant groups throughout their entire stay at our company, and retrace any deliveries in case of questions from our clients.

Logo Anerkannter Ausbildungsbetrieb 2020gaertneringeldern Gärtner in GeldernGood employees are a mainstay of any horticultural company – to our mind, anyway. And only good education leads to good employees. For that reason we see the sensible education of young people as one of our main tasks. Thanks to a joint venture with two other horticultural companies we are able to offer a specially interesting, diverse and comprehensive professional education. Topic-focussed excursions (e.g. to visit suppliers’ companies) and inhouse seminars ahead of external exams belong to our concept. With the help of recurring feedback discussions with our apprentices we try to enhance the quality of our education constantly. To the apprentice this offers options of active involvement in the kind of way of being educated..

Read more about our combined education and our apprenticeship vacancies..

Film Leader-Projekt IntegrationA company can only be economically healthy if its employees like to work there. We therefore asked our employees what is important for them und together with them developed a codex, signed by everyone. Yearly employee appraisals enable us to keep connected with everyone and to realise personal wishes and ideas for development. Not everything is economically possible - but under discussion we find a joint way. Our goal is: We are one team!

Another matter of the heart for us is it to enable people from our region to work at our company. That is why we changed our search for seasonal workers. Instead of fetching seasonal workers from contries like Poland or Romania, as it is common on our business, we manage to employ people that live nearby. Those people often are refugees - for the integration we get special support from the Caritas, a social institution - but also people who temporarily have to work short-time or lost their job, e.g. because of Corona. There is a nice film about that part of our employment that you find linked to the picture on the right.

Lastly, we support our local sports club GSV Geldern in practice as well as financially in its work for children and young adults. Vivian Pellens leads the department of figure roller skating honorarily. And of course our company is glad to belong to the sponsors for training equipment or competition dresses.


Our brand „Hortensia“ unites classic macrophylla-hydrangeas with a special added value. Hortensia represents on the one hand a strong personality and significance of the plants. With added products, for example sustainable clay pots and easy-to-maintain water storage pots, Hortensia gives attention to current trends and offers what the customer seaks: The Outstanding for You.

Role Model for our Hortensia was the daughter of a roman consul who lived around 90 B.C. She’s been the only woman with a documented speech right in Rome and successfully fought for example for the reduction of special taxes for women. She was, what our hydrangeas are, too: a strong personality who represented something special, who gives new impetus, and had to say something important.

Colour Club

Only from us you can get the half-ready plants of these colour-mixed hydrangea pots which still flower many-coloured in the upcoming years. For this characteristic "Colour Club" got the Innovation Award Gardening 2019. We produce Trios (three colours), Quattros (four colours) as well as big solitary plants and hanging baskets with up to eight different flower shapes and colours. For a maximum of colour effect without any own planting effort.


Everbloom are reflowering macrophylla-hydrangeas which grow buds also at the new sprouts. They blossom reliably even after late frosts or a wrong pruning, when other macrophylla end up without flowers. Because of that, you can for example specifically offer these varieties to the garden newbies of your customers. Everbloom carry their especially large bulbs on strong stalks that last long, at the shrub as well as in a vase. The bulbs are hardy and attract a beautiful red autumn colouring. Eventually, the varieties of this series are very frost resistant and the strongly green foliage forms a pleasant contrast to its blossoms in pink, blue or white.


Double Flowers are the special characteristic of the exceptional You&Me-hydrangeas, that we sell exclusively throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Some blossoms are more pointed, some rounded, in pink, blue or white – in all their variability the You&Me flower stars spread pure romanticism. But they are as sturdy and winterhardy as other hydrangeas. You&Me-hydrangeas are suitable for the flower bed as well as for planters on patio or balcony. Even as cutflowers for vases or for drying they are a good choice.

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Hans-Gerd Pellens

The Senior Boss

With his nearly 50 years of experience in plant production the certified horticultural engineer is the walking dictionary of the company. He keeps an overview even between more than 40 varieties and an annual production of about 1.3 millionen pots. Daily – and this is to be taken literally – you can see him checking the greenhouses and fields. Employee management of the company is mainly in his hands.

Andreas Pellens

Company Manager

After education and further training time in France the certified gardener went into the fatherly family business in 1996. By now he is the company manager and the creative head of product development and marketing: always on the lookout for new ideas, for the outstanding for you. There’s not much time left for hobbies for the father of three, but if time allows it, to cook with family and friends is on top of his list.

Vivian Pellens

The one with the letters

The certified journalist and social media manager is responsible for company communications. She pours the information coming from the two bosses for internet pages and press releases into readable shape. Love for gardening and nature, already awakened in her parents’ private garden, helps to compensate her specialist ignorance. This love finds its continuation in a large hydrangea variety garden, whose design and cultivation for the most part is in her hands.

Pellens Team


Our big family

No company runs smoothly without good employees. To our company family belong 25 permanent employees, including 2 masters, 1 technical agriculturist, 3 journeymen, 1 industrial manager, semi-skilled workers, as well as apprentices and up to 10 seasonal workers. Furthermore our 14 commercial representatives in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Russia, and the Near East. To be able to talk to each other and to offer individual options for personal development is a big matter to our family. To be what we are: a good team.