Working together at Pellens Hortensien

  • Work and education - Felix has taken a look at our company and made a film about it.

    The "Du" is common in our company - but this is no invitation for disrespect. Discrimination in any form and on which hierarchy level are not tolerated..

  • Reliability:
    Our family company offers a secure job. For this we expect the same realiability on the side of our employees. Because we all work for the same goal: Financial security for all of us.
  • Progress:
    We constantly work on the improvement of our management and production and invest in the technology and facilities of our company. The same we would wish for from our employees: engagement in further training will be supported by us whenever possible.


Master Gardener Bastian Reuvers analysing buds
Commissionning of ready plants
Field work with cutting machine

Our principles of business conduct, which we have compiled together will all employees in a workshop




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